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Girls Schedule, Stats, and Player Forms

About Pulaski Rugby Flyers

Flyers Important Info

PRACTICE: will be every Monday- Wednesday-Friday from 4-5:30

DUES: for players are $150.00 Plus 1 sponsorship. Price of dues goes down $50.00 for every sponsor you receive. What this means is if you get 4 sponsors you play for free.

Please sign up for your mandatory 2 packer games. Contact Coach Fran please. Added incentive for our Ladies. For every game you work over your mandatory 2 we will take $25.00 off your dues.

Team Store is OPEN! There are a couple new items to choose from this season.

IMPORTANT DATE: September 7 dues sponsorship and paperwork are due!

Flyers 2018 Fall Schedule

Saturday September 8: DSHA-JV @ Point-1 pm

Saturday September 15: K.M.@ Pulaski -Noon

Sunday September 23: Sussex @ Pulaski—1pm

Saturday Oct 6: Mad town-Fox@Oshkosh -Noon

Saturday Oct 13: DSHA @ Milwaukee- 11 am

Friday Oct 19: Playoff TBD

Sunday Oct 28: State

Flyers Player Forms

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Parental Permission Waiver
Flyers Sponsorship Committment Form

Flyers Stats
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CONTACT US: gbrugger20@yahoo.com